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When can I start working out after gynaecomastia surgery?

Body-conscious young men are feeling the pressure to look as good as their idols and the latest series of Love Island, replete with rippling abs, has even been linked to a rise in steroid use. However, for men suffering from gynaecomastia – the appearance of male breasts – it doesn’t matter how many chest presses they do.

Male breast reduction surgery is now increasingly seen as a highly effective solution to this problem and more and more men are enquiring about this procedure. However, a common concern noted at Masculum’s male breast reduction consultations is when they can get back to the gym. Typically, patients are already committed to a healthy diet and exercise routine and are worried they’ll be out of action for a prolonged period of time and all their hard work will go to waste.

What does male breast reduction entail? 

At Masculum Clinic, we offer the VAGS male breast reduction procedure, a unique approach developed by our medical director Mr Maisam Fazel. First, he will perform VASER liposuction to the chest area, removing any excess fat pockets that are marring the appearance of the pecs. Some men have an over-development of the glandular tissue that is present in the chest area and that can give the male breast look. This glandular tissue will be excised to produce a flatter, more natural appearance. Finally, any stretched skin is removed to ensure the skin over the chest is taut.

The VAGS procedure is usually performed either under local anaesthetic combined with sedation or under a general anaesthetic, but typically patients will return home the same day to start their recovery procedure.

When can I start exercising again after gyno surgery?

Recovery after a VAGS procedure is relatively quick and you can usually return to normal activities within a week. However, exercising should be approached with more caution; typically you should wait at least a month to six weeks before you embark on your usual exercise routine.

Moderate walking is encouraged soon after surgery as it helps to promote the healing process. Light non-impact lower body exercising can be eased back into after a month. Heavy or repetitive exercising of the pectoralis muscles or intense cardio routines should be postponed till at least six weeks after surgery. Always listen to your body.

Every patient recovers differently and Mr Fazel will ensure they are fully informed on all aspects of their recovery prior to making the decision to go ahead with surgery. He and his team are also always on hand if you have any questions in the post-surgery recovery.

If you have any other questions about the recovery period after a male breast reduction, call 0800 612 9177 to arrange an expert and impartial consultation at Masculum, where we will cover all aspects of the procedure.