working out after a moob reduction

When can I start working out after a moob reduction?

After undergoing a moob reduction procedure, it’s common for patients to ask when they can return to exercise. If you want to experience the best possible results, ensuring you leave plenty of time for your recovery is crucial. So, when exactly should you begin working out after a moob reduction?

Following your cosmetic surgeon’s advice

While there are some general guidelines which we will get to shortly, it’s important to note that each case is different. Therefore, in order to get the best idea of when you can return to exercise, you’ll need to ask your surgeon.

Recovery time will depend upon the severity of the gynaecomastia and the type of treatment provided. For example, if you had liposuction alongside the surgery, the recovery time is going to be much longer than if you’d simply had a moob reduction.

Your surgeon will, therefore, be able to advise you on when is best to return to normal activities, including exercise.

General guidelines

Although your surgeon will provide the most accurate idea of when you can start working out again, there are some basic guidelines you can follow.

The initial recovery time will take approximately two to three weeks. So, you’ll want to avoid exercising during this time. After the initial recovery period, you can return to light exercise such as walking. It’s important to avoid doing any activity which could place pressure onto the healing site, such as push-ups. After weeks four to six, the chest should have fully healed, allowing you to resume resistance and strength training exercises. This is only if there have been no complications throughout.

Remember, these are basic guidelines and you should chat to your surgeon in order to determine whether or not you are ready to resume working out.

Tips to aid recovery

After the surgery, you’ll typically need to wear a compression garment. This helps to protect the area and speed up healing. This is usually worn for the first four weeks after treatment. It’s crucial you continue to wear this if it is advised by the surgeon.

Overall, undergoing a moob reduction is an invasive procedure. Therefore, it does take the body time to heal and recover. The exact time you’ll need to take a break from exercise will depend upon numerous factors. So, always consult your surgeon if you’re unsure.