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Time to detox? Beer linked to moobs

With each new year come new trends in what we like to eat and drink, and last year really was the year of the hoppy India Pale Ales, or IPAs as they are more commonly known. These premium ales are bursting with hoppy flavours and have proved to be very popular, both in terms of a beverage to consume in pubs, bars and restaurants, and also as a drink to enjoy at home.

For their flavour-hungry consumers, a wide variety of hops contribute to a spectrum of interesting flavours, that have propelled ales into a realm of popularity that the category could only have dreamed about several years ago. Ales are now not just the drink of choice for older men, they now attract a broad range of drinkers of different ages and genders.

Hidden issues with these hoppy favourites

A new report has cast a shadow over these flavoursome favourites, with evidence suggesting that an ingredient found within these drinks causing men to suffer from an over-developed chest. The colloquially labelled ‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’ is a medical condition known as gynaecomastia, which affects as many as half of men in the UK.

IPAs contain phytoestrogens, which are compounds usually found in plants. These phytoestrogens are beneficial in that they can aid restful sleep patterns, but they also release a hormone in the body which can have some rather unwelcome side effects. The first of which is the development of moobs, the second is the unfortunately named ‘brewers droop’ – trouble sustaining an erection.

Everything in moderation

Before you panic that your new drink of choice will leave you feeling and looking somewhat less manly, this really isn’t the case and there isn’t an immediate cause for concern. The new year seems like an appropriate time to reflect on the fact that most things in moderation are absolutely fine. If you consume IPAs to within sensible drinking parameters, exercise regularly and eat sensibly, you’re unlikely to develop moobs overnight.

If, however, you’re fond of IPAs and feel concerned that you may be sporting a pair of moobs, you’re definitely not alone in those concerns and there are options available that can help. Male breast reduction is one of the most popular surgical procedures that men are opting for, with 320 UK men choosing to go under the knife for a breast reduction in 2016. The operation removes excess breast tissue and chest fat, leaving the area smoother and less pronounced. If moobs are very pronounced, in extreme cases excess skin can also be removed to help improve chest contours.