The 5 signs you’re losing your hair

Losing your hair doesn’t have to be inevitable. There are treatments and procedures that can halt hair thinning and stimulate regrowth but early intervention is always key so here’s the 5 signs you should be looking out for:

  1. Look at old photos – male pattern baldness is a progressive problem which means it typically worsens over a prolonged period of time. As a result you might not be aware of the problem when it first starts. Keep track of your hairline by looking at old pics.
  2. Watch out for increased shedding – is your shower getting plugged up or your brush full of hair every time you brush it. If you notice increased hair fall, arrange a consultation with a male hair loss specialist.
  3. Check out your family tree – genetics are a key factor in male hair thinning so if the male members of your family suffer from male pattern baldness it’s likely you will too.
  4. Notice hair loss patterns – different alopecia conditions present in different ways so keep track of the type of hair loss you’re suffering.
  5. Avoid stress – factors such as extreme stress, illness or dietary changes can all play a role in your hair health.