moobs and steroid use

Moobs and steroid use examined

Most men know that performance enhancing drugs are bad for the health, but many are unaware of the true extent of the danger they pose and we take a look at moobs and steroid use in particular.

It’s estimated approximately 20% of men who partake in recreational strength training use or have used, steroids in the hope of bulking up. What they didn’t account for, was the nasty side effects these drugs can lead to. From acne to breast development, below you’ll discover some of the worst downsides of steroid use.

Moobs and steroid use

While breast enlargement is one of the most frequently talked about side effects of steroids, many men find it hard to believe it will happen. However, did you know steroids can cause the breasts to enlarge in as little as a few weeks? The longer you take them, the larger your breasts are likely to grow. Obviously, there will be a cut-off point, but you could experience significant growth if you’re a long-term steroid user!

If you think your enlarged breasts will disappear after you stop taking the steroids you’re wrong. The effects are sadly permanent, and no amount of diet or exercise will usually shift them.

As if breast enlargement wasn’t bad enough, steroid use can also lead to a number of severe side effects. Aggressive behaviour, an increased risk of a heart attack and uncontrollable acne are just some of the side effects that you can expect to experience.

Other causes of man boobs

The exact cause of man boobs isn’t known, but there are a few things which are thought to trigger the condition. Hormonal imbalances tend to be the leading cause, making them an especially common problem for adolescents, the elderly and middle-aged men.

Sometimes they can also be caused by a poor diet and lack of exercise. However, if your man boobs don’t disappear once you start eating healthily and exercising, it’s likely you’re suffering from gynaecomastia which can only be treated via surgery.

If you’re suffering from enlarged male breasts, gyno surgery is generally the best option. The procedure is straightforward and produces permanent results. Most men are ideal candidates, but it is advised you book a consultation to determine whether surgery is the best treatment option for you.