Millennial Men and Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Millennial men and male breast reduction surgery

Statistics revealed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has shown an overall rise in male breast reduction. However, it seems the procedure is proving especially popular with millennial men.

Here, we’ll look at why more millennials are choosing to go under the knife and whether it’s the best solution.

What’s causing millennial men to undergo male breast reduction?

When you look into the pressures placed upon young men today, it’s easy to see why male breast reduction is on the rise.

Like women, young men often feel pressured to look good for social media. There’s been a significant boom of personal trainers and gym-obsessed role models popping up on social media in recent years. Millennial men feel they need to match the perfectly toned bodies they see on sites such as Facebook and Instagram. So, if they’re suffering from enlarged breasts, it’s understandable they’d seek surgery to eliminate the problem.

It’s not just social media driving young men under the knife, however. Steroid use is known to contribute towards man boobs, so it’s no surprise as the steroid use has risen, so too has the number of male breast reduction cases. Research has also shown that millennial men opt to undergo breast reduction surgery to please their partners.

So, there’s a lot of pressures placed upon millennial men to look a certain way. There’s also been a dramatic change in attitude towards cosmetic surgery. It’s much more accepted these days, especially amongst men. The question is, is surgery the answer when it comes to eliminating man boobs?

Is male breast reduction surgery the best solution?

Male breast reduction surgery can be extremely effective at eliminating the problem. However, it’s certainly not ideal for everyone.

The one thing millennial men need to consider before they undergo the procedure is whether the problem is temporary. Hormonal changes during adolescence can cause the breasts to enlarge temporarily. This means they will automatically lose their man boobs once they’ve grown out of puberty. It could also be down to obesity, in which case diet and exercise may be the best solution.

If you’re suffering from man boobs, it’s really important to undergo a consultation. Determining the cause of the issue will help you to decide upon the best possible treatment option.