Manopause: Myth or Reality?

The menopause is a well-known and accepted health condition that all women go through. However, could men also go through the same type of problem?

The manopause is not only said to be a real thing, but it’s also affecting thousands of men each year according to some doctors. However, other experts claim doctors are pushing the manopause as a real condition because they’re trying to cash in on the sexual performance worries middle-aged men often have. So, what’s the truth, is the manopause a myth or reality?

What is the manopause?

The menopause-like condition is said to affect middle-aged men and is triggered by a drop in testosterone. With the female menopause, it’s known to be caused by decreased estrogen levels as women age, so it’s certainly plausible the drop in testosterone could trigger the time of life for men.

A GP has recently spoken out about the manopause and why it often gets dismissed as an actual condition. Private GP, Jeff Foster, claims the symptoms of the manopause are often simply put down to the stress of modern times, leading the manopause to go largely undiagnosed.

What kind of problems does it pose?

So, what kind of problems could the male menopause pose? The main ones include low libido, gynaecomastia and hair loss. Changes in mood could also occur, especially if there’s a hormonal imbalance.

Gynaecomastia, which is the medical term for moobs, can occur when there is more estrogen in the body than there is testosterone. The breasts start to develop more, causing a lot of embarrassment and frustration. However, the good news is, changes in the body which are caused by hormonal changes are usually temporary and can absolutely be treated.

Manopause: myth or reality?

So, could the manopause by a myth or reality? Well, according to research, it’s actually a myth. While some men will undoubtedly suffer from lower testosterone levels, research has shown that up to 98% of men continue to produce testosterone for the rest of their lives. So, the majority of men are unlikely to experience the male menopause.

If you are worried you’re suffering from symptoms which could be linked to a reduction in testosterone, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor. You can also seek treatment for common symptoms including male breast reduction surgery, hair loss treatments and natural sexual enhancement products.