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Male grooming behind popularity in male cosmetic surgery

Since 2005, the numbers of men undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures have more than doubled. So why are men now rivalling women for their willingness to go under the knife to enhance their face or body?

In less enlightened times, men could get away with slapping on some no brand moisturiser and pride themselves on their beauty regime, but now they are being bombarded by expensive and scientifically advanced serums, gels and creams specifically targeted at the male market. Previously, beards could go bushy but now the emergence of the hipster means that facial hair needs to be tamed, styled and groomed to an unprecedented degree.

Male idols – whether they are a Hollywood hunk, top footballer or a reality star – are now increasingly buff and a six pack is a necessity. As a result, men are increasingly feeling the pressure to seek a surgical solution if they are unhappy with the bags under their eyes or moobs on their chest.

Most popular male cosmetic surgery procedures

As with women, non-surgically, ‘minimally invasive’ procedures are popular. Botox and dermal fillers are quick with little downtime and can provide an instant rejuvenation so very attractive to the male patient who may have little patience with a prolonged recovery period.

Liposuction is one of the most popular male cosmetic surgery procedures, whether that’s to tackle the ‘dad bod’ or the dreaded ‘moobs’ or male breasts. At Masculum, we offer conventional liposuction as well as VASER liposuction that utilises ultrasound technology to gently remove excess fat with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue and a shortened recovery time.

VASER liposuction is also one of the chief components of our unique VAGS male breast reduction procedure. As well as shaping and improving the contours of the chest by removing fatty tissue with VASER, glandular tissue and excess skin is removed.

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