male cosmetic surgery

Male cosmetic surgery: emerging trend or just a fad?

The number of men seeking cosmetic surgery has increased dramatically in recent years. At one time, 90% of procedures were carried out on female patients, but the gap is certainly starting to close. The question is, is male cosmetic surgery an emerging trend or just a fad that’s sure to pass?

Here, we’ll look at why more men than ever before are choosing to go under the knife and whether it’s a trend that’s likely to stick.

What’s driving an increase in male cosmetic surgery?

The main factors impacting the drive in male cosmetic surgery are said to be social media and selfies. There is also the fact that many employers tend to favour younger, good-looking candidates, causing older men to seek surgery to improve their career options.

Surveys carried out in recent years have revealed that the main reasons men opt to go under the knife are to feel more confident and to look younger.

What types of male cosmetic surgery procedures are popular?

So, what types of cosmetic procedures are men opting for? According to statistics, liposuction, male breast reduction, facelifts, eye lifts and tummy tucks are the preferred treatments for male patients.

Due to the popularity of male cosmetic surgery, there has even been an emphasis on Masculum Clinics.

Is the male cosmetic surgery trend likely to fade out?

The increase in male cosmetic surgery is unlikely to fade anytime soon. Due to improvements within the sector, many treatments are now quick and straightforward, requiring very little downtime.

The ease of seeking treatment and the change in social attitude towards male cosmetic surgery, means men will no longer feel self-conscious seeking a change in their appearance. This is especially true when it comes to male breast reduction surgery. Enlarged breast tissue can cause a lot of embarrassment and stress for men, but surgery can help to quickly eliminate the problem.

If you’re suffering from gynaecomastia, surgery could be the only option. Book a consultation today to discover whether surgery could be a viable option to eliminate your gynaecomastia.