different grades of gynaecomastia

How bad is my gynaecomastia?

If you’re experiencing enlarged breast tissue, it can be understandably embarrassing and frustrating. Gynaecomastia is much more common than you might think, though what you may not know is that there are varying levels of severity of the condition. There are also different types you need to be aware of.

Not all types of gynaecomastia require surgery, so establishing which type you are suffering from is paramount. Here, you’ll discover more about the different types and when surgery may be required.

The different types of gynaecomastia

Most of the time, surgeons classify gynecomastia into two different categories – true or pseudo gynaecomastia. However, there’s actually quite a few different types of gynaecomastia you could suffer from. There are 7 types in total, diagnosed depending upon the severity of the problem.

In terms of categories, true gynaecomastia is caused by excess breast tissue, while pseudo gynaecomastia is caused by excess fat.

Understanding the different grades of gynaecomastia

As well as different types, gynaecomastia can also be split down into different grades. Grade one, is where there is excess tissue based around the areola. Grade two includes a small amount of enlargement with excess tissue extending beyond the areola. Grade three is where the breast starts to have more of a female appearance, whereas grade four causes the breasts to look identical to a woman’s breasts.

Your gynaecomastia treatment options

Your treatment options will very much depend upon the type and severity of the gynaecomastia. If you are experiencing true gynaecomastia, male breast reduction surgery is usually the best course of treatment. However, if the enlargement of the breasts is caused by excess fat, diet and exercise could prove to be effective.

You’ll need to undergo a consultation with a specialist in order to determine which type you’re suffering from and whether or not surgery is the best course of action. Although surgery isn’t typically required for pseudo gynaecomastia, if the excess fat won’t reduce through diet and exercise alone, liposuction or VASER lipo may be required to eliminate it.

Book a consultation with a gynaecomastia specialist today to see whether surgery is the best course of treatment to suit you.