can moobs grow back

Can moobs grow back after male breast reduction surgery?

Undergoing male breast reduction surgery is the best way to deal with moobs. However, after going under the knife, is there a chance your moobs could grow back? That’s a question many men understandably have when they’re considering the procedure.

Here, you’ll discover how long you can expect the results to last and factors which may contribute to your results.

Is it possible for moobs to grow back?

It is possible for moobs to grow back, depending upon why they developed in the first place. There are a lot of reasons why breasts can enlarge in men, including hormones, medical conditions, obesity, alcoholism and tumours.

Identifying the cause is crucial before you undergo male breast reduction surgery. If it is down to obesity, alcoholism or medical conditions for example, having the surgery will only temporarily eliminate your moobs. If the underlying cause isn’t addressed, it is possible the moobs could grow back.

Understanding male breast reduction surgery

Male breast reduction surgery is a popular procedure which typically has a high patient satisfaction result. There are two types of gynaecomastia which can be treated including pseudo-gynaecomastia and true-gynaecomastia.

Pseudo-gynaecomastia is where fat builds up, causing the breasts to enlarge. True-gynaecomastia is where excess tissue develops, causing the enlargement. If you’re having treatment for true-gynaecomastia, it will involve surgery to remove the tissue. For pseudo-gynaecomastia, liposuction is typically used.

It’s also worth noting that patients who do have true-gynaecomastia are much less likely to see their moobs grow back, than those with pseudo-gynaecomastia. This is because tissue doesn’t grow back, but fat can start to build up again.

Preventative measures you can take

After undergoing male breast reduction surgery, it’s important to make certain lifestyle changes if required. For example, ensuring you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly if your moobs were caused by obesity.

You’ll also want to ensure you follow the surgeon’s after-care guidelines. How you look after yourself after the surgery will have a direct impact on the results.

If you’re concerned your moobs will grow back after surgery, it’s worth talking it through with a gynaecomastia specialist. They will be able to advise you on any changes you may need to make after the procedure to maintain lasting results.