Breast reduction surgery requests soaring among British men

Since surgeons first attempted to enhance the breasts with synthetic implants, the breast augmentation has remained the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed across the globe, requested by women of all ages. But could the moob job eventually overtake the boob job one day?, one of the leading plastic surgery comparison sites, regularly releases statistics on which procedure is being requested by its users. Last year, they found that enquiries about male breast reduction surgery had risen by 65 per cent compared to the following year. It was hugely popular with men in the 18 to 34 age bracket, but gynaecomastia is thought to affect up to half of all men so it is likely that demand for this surgery is set to soar.

Am I suitable for a male breast reduction?

Many men approach male cosmetic surgery specialists Masculum to find out whether they are suitable for a male breast reduction procedure. This can be a complex condition that can be the result of an accumulation of fatty tissue, an over-development of the glandular breast tissue or due to sagging, stretched skin if the patient has lost a great deal of weight. Typically, though, it’s a combination of all three problems which is why Mr Maisam Fazel has developed a unique approach to this common problem: the VAGS procedure.

The VAGS procedure tackles the three causes of moobs in one operation:

  1. Mr Fazel performs VASER liposuction to remove fatty tissue that is resistant to diet and exercise.
  2. Then he removes the over-developed breast tissue in a gland excision procedure.
  3. Finally, excess skin is removed and remaining skin tightened up to produce a more pleasing appearance to the chest.

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