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Body confidence found to be of most importance to young men

New statistics have revealed body confidence is most important to young men. While all age groups have become increasingly concerned with their image, it’s the younger generation who largely turn to cosmetic surgery to help them feel better about themselves, fueling the rise of gyno surgery in particular.

According to the statistics from the US, procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks and male breast reductions have seen a particular rise in popularity. Many experts blame popular TV shows such as Love Island, which has triggered a significant increase in the number of young men.

An increased pressure to look perfect behind rise of gyno surgery

It’s no surprise to see that young men are increasingly turning to cosmetic surgery. There’s more pressure placed upon the youth of today than there ever has been. Shows such as Love Island do contribute a lot towards body confidence, for both men and women.

Social media is also largely to blame. Young men are exposed to images of what is perceived to be a perfect body image. Like young women, they suffer from the same insecurities when they realise they don’t look like the males being pushed into the spotlight.

The rise of gyno surgery

Breast reduction surgery is one of the key cosmetic surgery trends young men are opting to follow. While gynaecomastia is an embarrassing and common issue, not all patients require surgery. This is especially true for young men.

This is because enlarged male breasts can be caused by hormonal changes within the body. So, it’s common in teenage boys especially. This type of breast enlargement is only temporary, and it will resolve itself in time. So, surgery may not actually be needed.

Is gyno surgery the best option?

The worry over these new statistics is that many young men may be undergoing a surgery they don’t actually need. The only time surgery is recommended is if the patient is suffering from true gynaecomastia. This is where the tissue of the breasts becomes thicker, causing them to enlarge. Surgery is the only way to eliminate the excess, thicker tissue.

If the problem is down to hormones or an unhealthy lifestyle, surgery wouldn’t be the best option. Those who are concerned about their enlarged breasts should, therefore, seek a diagnosis from a gynaecomastia specialist. They will be able to determine whether surgery is the best step forward.