suitable candidate for male breast reduction surgery

Am I a suitable candidate for male breast reduction surgery?

Understandably, the appearance of ‘breasts’ can be an embarrassing problem for men. It can be difficult to shift them through diet and exercise alone, particularly if the problem is overdeveloped glandular tissue. However, the good news is help could be available in the form of surgery.

Male breast reduction surgery is a common procedure which can help you regain your confidence. However, not everyone will be an ideal candidate. Here, you’ll discover how to tell whether or not you’re a suitable candidate for the surgery.

What makes a suitable candidate for male breast reduction surgery?

Prior to male breast reduction surgery, ideal candidates will be at least 18 years of age. The reason surgeons recommend younger patients to wait before undergoing surgery is that gynecomastia can actually be a side effect of puberty. Over time it naturally resolves itself, which is why younger patients may not actually need surgery.

It is also recommended you talk to your doctor to establish the true cause of the problem. Did you know, for example, that male breasts can become larger as a side effect of medications? Stopping these medications would, therefore, resolve the problem.

Ideal candidates for male breast reduction will also have tried a diet and exercise plan. So, if you’re over the age of 18, you’ve checked the condition isn’t down to anything medical and you’ve tried diet and exercise, but it hasn’t worked, you benefit from male breast reduction surgery.

Things to consider

The above are the basics you need to establish before considering male breast reduction surgery. However, you should also check that you’re in good health, you’re an ideal weight and you understand all of the risks and complications of the procedure.

It is highly recommended that you book a consultation to determine whether or not surgery would be the best option for you. During the consultation you’ll also get to find out more about the risks and complications, as well as ensure you have realistic expectations of the surgery.

Overall, most men suffering from enlarged breasts could benefit from male breast reduction. However, it is always best to undergo a consultation just to be sure you’re making the right decision.