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The ageing process, weight gain or occasionally previous steroid use can leave many men with prominent male breasts or ‘moobs’.  The prevalence of enlarged male breasts may also be as a results of a condition known as gynaecomastia. This can significantly affect one’s confidence by limiting the type of clothing one chooses and even stops some men from taking their T-shirt off at the beach or pool.

Whatever the cause of the ‘moobs’, as leading experts in this area, we can offer a range surgical solution that can greatly improve the appearance and thus the self-esteem and body confidence


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Gynaecomastia simply means male breast tissue. Classically, there are two types of male breast tissue:

i) True gynaecomastia: All men have a small amount of glandular breast tissue in the chest but, in some men, it can over-develop and create a breast-like appearance. This can be due to an endocrine disorder, age-related hormonal changes, a side effect of certain drugs or can be genetic. However, usually, no cause is ever found.

ii) Pseudogynaecomastia: Commonly, the patient may have an increase in fat deposition overlying the chest muscles. This can be very resistant to diet and exercise. If the fat deposition is significant, then the skin can also become stretched.

In reality, most men have a combination of the above, and thus the surgical solution must take into account all the underlying factors.

Most patients are suitable for gynaecomastia surgery. However, the first step is for Mr Maisam Fazel to assess whether there is an underlying cause for the male breast tissue (such as a hormonal imbalance or the use of a particular medication). Mr Fazel will also assess your overall suitability for surgery during your consultation.

The procedure is usually performed as a day-case operation either under local anaesthetic with sedation or under a general anaesthetic.

Typically, the procedure starts with VASER liposuction to the chest through small liposuction holes in the armpit area. This allows Mr Fazel to remove the excess fat in the chest area and to shape the chest. The reason why VASER is used rather than traditional liposuction is that VASER is less traumatic to the tissue and thus recovery tends to be faster. In addition, VASER causes more tightening of the skin over the 12 months after the procedure which is beneficial in cases where there is loose skin as well.

After the VASER has been performed, Mr Fazel usually makes a small cut in the skin to remove the breast gland. This can either be a semi-circle cut around the nipple or a straight line cut in the armpit.  Once the gland has been removed, the incision is closed with dissolvable stitches. These scars tend to heal well and are not very noticeable.

If there is loose skin, Mr Fazel usually recommends leaving this alone to settle for up to one year, as frequently the subsequent skin tightening caused the by VASER eliminates the loose skin. In this way, patients can avoid or reduce the scar around the nipple which can be more prominent than the semi-circular scar.

Once the surgery is complete, a compression garment is put on. This needs to remain for 24 hours a day for three weeks, followed by 12 hours a day for another three weeks. During the first few weeks, Mr Fazel also recommends Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) to the chest.

If, at the end of the year, there is still loose skin present, Mr Fazel will make a circular cut around the nipple and tighten the chest wall skin in this way. This skin tightening procedure can be done as a day-case procedure under local anaesthetic and takes about half an hour.

The VAGS gynaecomastia surgery generally takes between one to two hours, depending on the complexity of the planned surgery.

All risks will be discussed in full during your male breast reduction consultation with Mr Maisam Fazel before you make the decision to proceed. You will also be shown pictures of patients who have had surgery so that you can understand what the likely result will be.

After your consultation, you will receive further written information about your proposed surgery which will describe the risks in detail. It is important that you read this carefully.

If you decide to proceed with surgery, Mr Fazel will ask to see you again to ensure that you have had an opportunity to ask any questions and to check that you understand the proposed surgery with its associated risks.

Is male breast reduction surgery painful?

Your comfort and safety are always our first consideration. Male breast reduction surgery is usually very well tolerated; you may be slightly sore afterwards but this is usually well managed with over-the-counter painkillers, which we will provide for the first week. Most patients do not need more than a few days of painkillers.

How quickly will I recover from a male breast reduction?

Typically, you will return home the day of your surgery and you’ll be able to resume normal, everyday activities within a couple of days. There will be a certain amount of swelling and bruising, but this should subside after a few weeks. It is vital that patients wear a surgical compression garment to assist in the healing process. It is also important to undertake three to four MLD treatments from day 1-2 post surgery.

When will I see the results of my male breast reduction surgery and how long will they last?

You’ll be able to see the results immediately after your procedure, but these will continue to improve as the swelling fully subsides over the following weeks and months. The earliest time to properly assess your results is at three months, though improvements may be noticed up to a year.

When fat cells are removed through liposuction they are gone for good, but to maintain the results of your procedure, it is important to commit to a healthy diet and exercise routine. If gynaecomastia is the result of using a particular medication, it is important to speak to your GP to see if an alternative can be suggested.

When can I return to the gym after a male breast reduction?

You should avoid any strenuous activity or exercise for two weeks and then gradually build up your activity so that you are back to your full range of normal activities six weeks post surgery.

What about post-op checks?

Mr Fazel will arrange to see you two weeks post surgery to remove youdressingsgs. All stitches are dissolvable so do not need removing. You will be reviewed again at six weeks and three months post surgery. In the interim period, if you have any concerns, please contact Mr Fazel’s team at Masculum and an appointment will be arranged straight away.

How much does a male breast reduction cost?

We appreciate that cost is a factor in making the decision to go ahead with the VAGS gynaecomastia male breast reduction surgery, but we aim to offer our patients the very best price possible. Surgery is performed by Mr Fazel, who is highly experienced in this area, and is supported by an excellent medical team in a leading private hospital with an impeccable safety record. Our aftercare package is second to none and is included in the price.


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