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why choose VASER liposuction?

VASER is a highly effective body shaping treatment that involves minimal downtime and much less risk of bleeding, bruising, scarring and discomfort compared to conventional liposuction. It also produces a greater degree of subsequent skin tightening compared to traditional liposuction techniques.

With frequently no need for a full general anaesthetic or an overnight stay, more and more patients are choosing VASER to sculpt and enhance their bodies.



If you are fit and well with stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, then VASER liposuction can be a good choice to produce more defined contours in all areas of the body. It is important to realise though that VASER is not a weight-loss procedure; it is best suited to those that are near or at their ideal body weight and can maintain the result of their VASER procedure.


VASER liposuction is defined as a minimally invasive procedure; small incisions are made in the treatment area and a probe is inserted, through which ultrasound energy is transmitted into the fat cells. This liquefies the fat cells, making them easier to remove with a gentle suction process. Compared to conventional liposuction, there is much less trauma to the tissues and, therefore, the patient typically feels much less discomfort.


There will be a degree of bruising and swelling immediately after your VASER procedure, but again this is much less marked compared to other surgical procedures. The incisions are very small so scarring is minimal. Typically, patients are able to return to their normal routine within a couple of days although we advise you to wait for a few weeks before you return to the gym or more strenuous activities.  Although the result is apparent straight away, it takes 3 or more months for the swelling to settle allowing a full appreciation of the result.


Mr Maisam Fazel has developed the VAGS procedure to tackle gynaecomastia. This male breast reduction procedure employs three different techniques including VASER liposuction to remove the fatty tissue and shape the chest area. VASER is combined with gland excision to remove any over-developed glandular tissue. Occasionally, skin excision is also required to remove saggy skin.

VASER is utilised because it is far less traumatic than traditional liposuction which results in a much quicker recovery time. It also allows for more precise shaping of the chest area and produces a degree of skin tightening to produce optimal results.


Where can you have VASER liposuction?

VASER can be used to remove fat on the inner and outer thighs, the abdomen, breast or chest area, buttocks, flanks and arms. It is also gentle enough to be used under the chin and in the neck area. It is increasingly popular as a treatment for gynaecomastia and Mr Fazel has developed the VAGS male breast reduction procedure, incorporating VASER lipo.

What results can I expect from VASER liposuction?

Patients can expect a much more improved, smoother and more contoured body shape. For most patients, there are immediately noticeable results although these will continue to improve over the following months and we give comprehensive aftercare instruction to ensure the optimal outcome. Excess fat tissue or sagging skin will not respond as well to VASER and aesthetic surgeon Mr Maisam Fazel can advise you on other surgical procedures which you may be better suited for. 

How much does VASER cost?

The cost of VASER surgery depends on the patient’s individual requirements and what areas of the body or face are being treated. Surgery is performed by a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon, supported by an excellent medical team, in a leading private hospital with an impeccable safety record. Our aftercare package is second to none and is included in the price.

Typically, prices start at £2,995 per area.

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about your surgeon

Maisam Fazel is a Consultant who specialises in a wide range of Aesthetic Surgery procedures. He has a unique background in both Plastic and Breast Surgery and is thus also actively involved in Breast Care and Reconstruction.

This experience combined with an unerring aesthetic eye, high level of surgical skill and commitment to patient care, makes him the optimal choice for any man wanting to address any body issues that might be affecting their self-esteem and body confidence.